MEC encourages its students for Summer internship so that they can understand the dynamics of the industry and the latest trends. It also helps in moulding them to be a better professional. This year MEC has witnessed some best-known names from both the Indian as well as the international IT world, giving its students a good number of choices in securing their summer internships.

Summer Internship Procedure

  • The placement office contacts the companies for the summer internship.
  • The placement office sends in the interested students’ resumes (Company/Institute format) to the Companies.
  • The Companies send in the short list of students to the placement office.
  • A mutually convenient date is fixed for conducting the selection process. If the companies desire a SPT (Summer     Placement Talk), the same can be arranged for prior to the recruitment process.
  • The interested companies conduct the summer internship recruitment process at MEC campus. After the selection     process, companies announce the list of selected candidates on the campus itself.
  • Companies, unable to visit the campus can select the students on the basis of student resumes, telephonic     interviews or/ and on-site interview.